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My Rating System

Overall, my aim here is to write an honest review that will give a reader an idea of how much I liked/disliked a book in comparison to other books I've read in the same genre. 


I am an emotional reader, therefore my emotional response to a book might take some precedence over technical details. If a book makes me giddy with happiness while reading, I'm more apt to rate it higher even if there are a few flaws present. A book can be technically perfect, but if I can't feel an emotional connection to the characters or the story, then I'm more likely to give it a lower rating.


Here is a very basic rundown of how I rate the books I read (as of June 2014):



(Desert Island Keeper)

I loved it beyond reason!


5 Stars

I absolutely loved it!


4.5 Stars

I loved it!


4 Stars

I really liked it.


3.5 Stars

I more than liked it.


3 Stars

I liked it. 


2.5 Stars

I almost liked it a little bit.


2 Stars

It was okay, I guess.


1.5 Stars

Didn't like it much.


1 Star

Didn't like it at all.



(Did Not Finish)

Declined to rate for reasons stated in the review.


I set my rating system up in this way because I am used to the way the Goodreads ratings are, but I wanted some of the flexibility that comes from using 1/2 stars.